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Willcox Elementary School (WES) is located in Willcox, Arizona in the southeast corner of the state, and we are part of the greater Willcox Unified School District.

Our public elementary school provides a top notch education to preschoolers through fourth grade students. We are focused on providing a full-spectrum learning experience that includes art, music, physical education, computer classes, and many more extracurricular activities. WES has a small student-to-teacher ratio, which we believe makes us more capable of reaching each student individually and helping our students reach their full potential. We have many unique programs including Willcox Against Substance Abuse , Sheltered English Instruction classes, a Parent Advisory Group, and an integrated preschool for three- and four-year-olds.

We have developed this website to keep our teachers, students, parents, and our community informed about everything going on at WES. Please take time to browse the site and learn more about all WES has to offer. You will find that we are a special school with a great staff and students.

A Message from our Principal

Willcox Elementary School is a small school with very big opportunities. We boast many impressive programs for our students, including a Title I Reading and Math program, a targeted Intervention and Enrichment period each day, Sheltered English Instruction, and a great Special Education program.

All of our teachers are highly qualified, and we have a small student-to-teacher ratio with classroom paraprofessionals to assist teachers in every classroom. We believe that smaller settings create a more personable and valuable atmosphere for our students. Our school has a strong focus on literacy because we believe that literacy is the foundation to learning.

At Willcox, we care about our students and want them to exceed beyond their own expectations. Please visit the rest of the website, and check out everything that is happening in Cowkid Country.


Valerie Simon

Valerie Simon