Exterior view of school building with various colored classroom doors

All About Willcox Elementary School

Who We Are

We are Willcox, and we are proud of the fact that we do things “The Willcox Way!”

Willcox Elementary School has been in existence for well over 50 years in our small, rural community. Willcox is known for agriculture, including ranching and farming, and is quickly becoming known as a great location for grape vineyards, on par with some of the premier grape growing areas of the world.

We are a small school, with just over 400 students in grades PreK–4 and a staff of approximately 50 teachers and staff. Our office houses our administration, including the principal and her administrative assistant, as well as a clerk and the district nurse. Each grade level has four classrooms, with approximately 20 students per class. We maintain paraprofessionals in each grade level to help the teachers meet the individual needs of our students. As well, we have three custodians and four cafeteria staff. Our cafeteria is staffed by Sodexo.

Mission, Vision, Beliefs

Willcox Elementary School upholds the district mission, vision, and belief statements. In addition, we hold high expectations for our staff and students. We believe:

  1. Our school is for all students—we see and accept all kids.
  2. All students will learn when provided with appropriate supports.
  3. Students will meet our expectations when we provide them with consistent structure and procedures.
  4. Perseverance and effort are critical to successful learning.
  5. Students need to understand that they are first and most important in their learning process and education.

Cowkid Creed

Together we will do our best—every minute, every day...the Willcox way!